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SBANE Innovation Awards Dinner

  • Jeremy and I attended the SBANE Innovation Awards Dinner last Thursday.  Big thanks to Kevin Phelan from Gutenberg Communications for inviting us as his guests!

    There were a number of interesting companies there for the dinner, and it was exciting to see new businesses springing up in the New England area.  Coolest name of the night definitely goes to Dirt Glue.

    Two MIT-related highlights:

    1. E Ink was an award winner.  You may recognize their work if you’ve seen an Amazon Kindle.  It’s always nice to see a technology out of the ol’ alma mater get some recognition. 

    2. Turned out Kevin got the uber-premium seats, and we got to have dinner with the keynote speaker, Helen Grenier!  She’s an insanely impressive business person and one of the founders of iRobot (another business with MIT connections).  Helen gave a fun and inspiring speech about the requirements for building a business and high-tech innovation.  I have a soft spot for underdog-turned-success stories, so my favorite part was her story about the first few years of building iRobot, in the face of unknown product requirements and markets, and a generally uninspired investment community. I am looking forward to seeing what will come of her new startup, The Droid Works

    A great experience overall, and a great event by SBANE.


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