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How to Filter YouTube for Videos with Closed Captions

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    There are many reasons that you might want to filter your YouTube search to show only videos that have closed captions. Maybe you are deaf or hard of hearing and need captions for accessibility purposes; maybe you’re in a sound sensitive environment like a gym, library, or office; maybe you’re using videos for research purposes and find it easier to follow along with captions. Really, there are an endless number of reasons you might prefer videos with captions.

    Regardless of why you want to search for only those videos that have closed captions, the question remains: how do you do so? Luckily, YouTube had exactly the same thought, and made it easy to filter your search results for captioned videos.

    First, search for the type of content you’re looking for. Once all of the search results show up, you’ll see a Filters option. The drop down menu will have a column of Features, where you can select CC (Closed Caption). Now, all your search results will be exclusively captioned videos! Happy watching!

    Use The Filter Button On YouTube To Look Up Images With Captions

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