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Which Web Accessibility & Closed Captioning Laws Apply to You? (QUIZ)

  • Suspect you might be legally required to closed caption your online videos?

    Take a quick quiz to get a better sense of which web accessibility and closed captioning laws may apply to your organization.

    To get started, select the option that best describes your company:

    K-12 School

    Public or private institutions.

    Higher Education

    Private and public colleges, universities, or trade schools.

    Examples: community college, law schools, private university, etc.

    Higher Education

    Online Learning or Continuing Education

    Private companies that publish eLearning content or serve online courses to a student body or members of the public. Classes can be free or paid.

    Examples: Pearson, edX, etc.



    Federal, state, or municipal government agencies, departments, offices, or organizations.

    Examples: public library, national park, governor’s office, etc.

    Film & TV Producer

    Producers or distributors of video content for film, broadcast TV, or digital distribution.

    Examples: cable channel, film studio, Hulu, etc.


    Online Video

    Producer, publisher, or distributor of online video that is not intended for film or TV.

    Examples: vloggers, YouTubers, web series producers, etc.

    Online Video

    Religious Broadcaster

    Houses of worship or spiritual institutions that produce video.

    Example: televangelists, broadcast church services, digital Sunday school instruction, etc.


    Private Company

    For-profit or non-profit organization that is privately owned and produces video for internal or for external use.

    Examples: company training videos, recruitment videos, promotional videos, etc.



    Not sure where you fit in the above categories?

    Try this quiz.

    Not Sure

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