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Coming Soon: National Research Study on Student Usage of Closed Captions and Transcripts

  • Caption Research
    Over the last 6 months we’ve been working with the Oregon State University to conduct a nationwide study on student usage of closed captions and transcripts in higher education. With data from over 2,500 student participants from across 16 institutions, this is the largest study of its kind.

    The full report will be published on 3Play Media’s website at the end of September 2016 and will be freely available to anyone who is interested in the results.

    We will also be hosting a free webinar on September 15, 2016, in which Dr. Katie Linder, the head researcher on the project, will present for the first time on the findings of the study.

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    The goal of the research is to get a deeper understanding of how students use and perceive captioning and transcription at their institutions. Are students aware that closed captions and transcripts are available in their courses? Why do students use closed captions/transcripts and how do they support learning? How often do students use captions/transcripts and how much do they rely on them? Are there any common hindrances?

    The study hopes to answer all of these questions and will provide segmentations across various student populations, including:

    • Students taking face-to-face versus online courses
    • Students who know English as the first versus second language
    • Students who are deaf or hard of hearing
    • Students with learning and other disabilities
    • Students who are registered with the office of disability services

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