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Audio Description Plugin: How to Publish the Simple Way

  • Audio Description Example on Laptop

    A Hidden Cost

    Traditional audio description is extremely costly, as humans are typically required for the entire workflow. Paying voice actors and skilled writers, in addition to the cost of all of the tools necessary to record and implement the audio description adds up quickly. In addition to these expenses, there is another hidden cost of audio description – the resource-intensive process of publishing the audio description.

    Most video players and platforms don’t support audio description. If they do, the only ways to publish are to swap in a second video asset with description burned into the audio track or to use a secondary audio track that contains both the description and the original audio. The technical difficulties and cost of publishing audio description have been a major barrier for video creators.

    Making Publishing Audio Description Easy

    At 3Play Media, we want to make video accessibility as simple as possible. To do this, we have developed an audio description plugin that will mitigate the need to produce a second version of your video with audio description. Being that most popular video players and platforms do not support WebVTT description tracks or secondary audio tracks we provide a plugin for simplicity.

    This plugin allows you to add audio description to videos without having to republish your audio or video files. The plugin is a simple embed that references your video and plays the secondary audio description track along with your video, making it a great option for video players that don’t support audio description in a usable way. It’s also a great alternative to having to create a second version of the video with description.

    Keyboard and Screen Reader Accessible

    Making the audio description plugin keyboard and screen reader accessible was of utmost importance to us to make it accessible to all users. Use the keyboard to test it out. You can navigate the plugin by tabbing through the page to play, pause, and change the volume of the plugin.

    How to Use the Audio Description Plugin

    Standard and extended description both work flawlessly with the plugin. Once you’ve had your file described in the 3Play Media account, you can embed your video with the audio description plugin by clicking “Publish Audio Description Plugin.” Simply copy the embed code and follow the instructions to link your video and video player. Once published on your site, your video will appear with the plugin below.

    When your video is playing with the plugin, you can toggle audio description on or off by clicking on the AD icon. The equalizer feature will automatically duck the volume of the source video while description plays. You can click the equalizer icon to turn off this automatic feature. Once off, you can change the volume of the description or source video manually. Test it out below:


    See more examples of audio description, or get started describing your files today!

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