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Meet Our Transcript Editors

At 3Play Media, we use a three-step captioning and transcription process that leverages technology and human editing to provide a uniquely high-quality, cost-effective captioning solution. All of our editors are US-based and go through a rigorous certification process before ever touching a file.

In a recent survey to our 1,500+ editors, we learned more about why our contractors love working for 3Play Media and how this job fits into their lives.

Interested in becoming a 3Play transcript editor? Check out our current openings.

Editor Profiles

Niki B

Niki B., Minnesota

“I am a single mother to a beautiful 16 month old boy. 3Play allows me to earn extra income above and beyond my salary so I can afford the best things for my son and can afford to send him to the best childcare center.”


Jim F

Jim F., New York

“I’m 63 years old. I’m an attorney, and an Emmy Award-winning writer and Writers Guild of America nominee. I copywrite, on a freelance basis. As instrumental as writing has been in and to my life, I’m equally committed to learning about writing, and getting better at it — a reward in itself for me; there’s still so much to learn — and the gracious and generous folks at 3Play assist virtually every day in making that goal a reality.

As mentioned above, I enjoy the independence working with 3Play provides, and the interaction I have with the entire 3Play staff and management.

For the past 30 or so years, I’ve worked for myself and consequently have had to rely pretty much on my own discipline, my own talent (however much of that there is), my intuition, and my own imagination. 3Play fosters that. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Magan H

Magan H., Illinois

“If I had the ability to do anything in the world, it would just be to go to school for the rest of my life and learn new things and never work. This is a close as I can get to that. Every day is different, but I always learn something. Sometimes I learn about things I have an intense interest in, sometimes it’s something I didn’t even know existed. But everyday I feel smarter.”


Zeudi V

Zeudi V., Georgia

“3Play is a good fit for me because I own my own photography business, am a full time wife and mother of a 14yo, 2.5yo, and 3 month old and part time caregiver for my elderly father. So, needless to say, my schedule is full. However, when I have a free moment [and am not asleep ;-)], I can log onto the site and if jobs are available I am able to make money. This has been very helpful if I get an unexpected bill or expense or during the down season for my business.”


Diane B

Diane B., Arizona

“I’m a weaver who raises Cotswold sheep. I live 35 minutes from town. I love reading and learning. 3Play allows me to work at home doing something I enjoy–editing–while avoiding the time and expense of driving into town. The flexibility of working with 3Play makes it easy for me to attend craft shows, guild meetings, and the occasional class. If I need to spend several hours in sheep-related pursuits, I can schedule my editing work around them.”


Alicia K

Alicia K., DC

“3Play is really an incredible employer. This job has allowed me a modicum of stability while I’ve pursued some risky ventures, from participating in a Reality TV show (Find My First Love) to launching a (failed, oops!) lingerie company to now writing a book on Frenchmen (all of my exes are French, so I decided I might as well write about them? :) It’s been really nice to have the flexibility/freedom to lighten my schedule while I write this summer, knowing that I can pick back up again after I’ve submitted to agents and editors this fall. The ability to make my own schedule has been a lifesaver. (It’s also a great antidote to writer’s block. Whenever I’m feeling stressed and unproductive writing-wise, getting some transcription work done makes me feel better!)”


Jeremy J

Jeremy J., Hawaii

“I have enjoyed working for 3Play since day one. A few months after I began, I quit my full-time job. Then I packed up everything I had and moved to Hawaii! I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to be able to move around as freely as I choose.

I plan on moving again soon to parts unknown. I am very thankful that no matter where I go, I always have work as long as there is internet access. It has transformed me into a digital nomad, which was a dream of mine I had never realized was possible before this.”


Eve G

Eve G., Virginia

“I split my time between home and a 40 foot sailboat on the Rappahannock River. I can take my job with me wherever I go, and fit a little work in to the relaxation. I love this job!”


Allison B

Allison B., Oregon

“I’m a mom. I love that I can be home with her when she’s out of school. Also, I worked in an office situation recently where I felt like a caged animal. So I like being my own boss and working in my pajamas.”


Maria T

Maria T., Tennessee

“3Play is a perfect fit for me because I love English, grammar, editing, am extremely detail-oriented, and was looking for work I could do from home. While I was extremely thankful to be hired, I had no idea that I would enjoy the work as much as I do. I wish that I could do this work full-time! That’s how much I love what I do for 3Play! In fact, the work really doesn’t feel like “work” at all; rather, it feels more like I’m just having fun and getting paid at the same time. Because you have such a diverse group of clients, the editing work usually has one if not all of the following characteristics — interesting, informative, entertaining, and fun. And I love that! I’m actually prayerful and hopeful that, at some point, 3Play can be my sole provider of income. That would be like a dream-come-true since I don’t enjoy my day job nearly as much as I enjoy being a 3Play editor.”


Mirissa S

Mirissa S., Oregon

“I graduated with an English degree and wanted to work with words (specializing in editing, mostly), but also wanted the convenience of a part-time, flexible-hours job while my husband’s internship schedule is so wonky. This job fits in perfectly with our lives because it allows us to travel whenever we need or want to while still picking up jobs here and there. I don’t have to ask for time off when I want to spend a day with my family, but can work whenever I just have a half hour to spare. The flexibility absolutely cannot be beat.”


How Happy Are Our Editors?

Results from the question 'On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you working with 3Play?' showing the following the responses: 10 - 212, 9 - 223, 8 - 197, 7 - 109, 6 - 30, 5 - 16, 4 - 3, 3 - 4, 2 - 2, 1 - 3

Editor happiness is important to us! In the survey, we asked the editors to rate how happy they are working with 3Play. On average, our editors said they would rate their happiness at 8.5 out of 10.

We also asked what their favorite thing about working with 3Play was. Schedule really stood out, as evident in the wordcloud of their responses below. Editors also noted that they love editing interesting files, learning from the videos they edit, the variety of different types of content, and the freedom of setting their own hours.

Wordcloud of the responses our editors gave to the question, 'what is your favorite thing about working with 3play?' 'Schedule' stands out as the number one thing editors are happy with. The word cloud also prominently displays the words 'love,' 'freedom,' 'learn,' 'support,' and 'variety.'

How Do We Compare to Other Transcription Companies Our Editors Have Worked For?

Many of our editors have contracted with other transcription companies. When asked how we compare, they said:

rotating quotes from editors about how we compare to other transcription companies they've worked for. Quotes include It's by far the best transcription company I've worked for.The treatment is unparalleled, and the pay is humane.I feel more valued as an editor and as a person. You're by far the best there is.Very professional.You guys blow them out of the water.