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+Do you provide transcripts in addition to closed captions?

Yes, our process produces transcripts and closed captions all at once. You are free to use either or both. Your transcripts and closed caption files are stored indefinitely in your account and you can access them at any time.

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Video Tutorial: Downloading Your Captions and Transcripts
FAQs on captions and transcript output files

+What is an interactive transcript?

An interactive transcript is a JavaScript plugin that attaches to your video player and can be embedded on any website.  An interactive transcript lets users search through the video and click any word in the transcript to jump to that exact point in the video. Users can create and share video clips by highlighting a section of the transcript. In combination with the Archive Search plugin, users can search across many videos to uncover results from the rest of your video library.

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Interactive Transcript Demo Page
Webinar: Quick Start to Interactive Transcripts
Support Article: Interactive Transcript

+What is transcript alignment?

If you already have transcripts for your video or audio files, transcript alignment is the fastest and least expensive way to create captions, multilingual subtitles, and use interactive video plugins. Learn more

+Do you process files that are audio only?

We treat audio and video files the same way. We produce the same outputs and you can use all of the same interactive tools.

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Support Article: Supported Formats and Codecs

+How can I create video clips using the transcript?

Your account includes a powerful video search and editing application called Clipmaker. Clipmaker lets you search across your transcribed video (or audio) files and quickly create clips simply by highlighting the spoken words. You can create clip reels by combining clips from multiple source files and export them for inclusion in reports. Clipmaker can even scan your media files and automatically generate clips that contain relevant search terms.

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Support Forum: Clipmaker

+How does translation work?

Once your English file has been transcribed, we can translate it into a number of languages through our translation partner. Once the file has been translated, it will work with all of our products, including subtitles and interactive transcripts. See additional information on our translation and subtitling services.

+How do you support your customers?

While we’ve built many tools that are self-service or automated, much of our success as a company is based on our approach to customer service.  We enjoy building relationships with and providing lots of personal attention to our customers.  For new customers, we expect to walk you through the account system and carefully explain the workflow. If you’re an existing customer with a support issue, our goal is to resolve your problem as quickly as possible and communicate the status at every step.  Each customer is assigned a 3Play Media account manager, whose job is to maintain an open and responsive communication channel.  We take all questions and support requests very seriously, and if you read our testimonials or speak to our references, you’ll see that this is a consistent theme.

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Send a support request via email to support@3playmedia.com
Visit our support site that covers a range of help topics

+How do you maintain a secure environment?

Security and privacy are a critical part of our business. We have passed rigorous security and privacy audits to satisfy the needs of our customers.  All of our employees and transcriptionists have passed background checks and are bound by confidentiality agreements. We provide secure control over data and user access. Sensitive data can be transferred back and forth over a secure connection. See additional information about security and privacy.

+Do you have security clearance to work with classified government files?

No, we do not have security clearance and cannot work with classified files.

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