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+How did 3Play Media get started?

In 2007, one of our founders was doing research work at the MIT Spoken Language Lab when he was approached by MIT OpenCourseWare with the idea of applying speech technology to develop a more cost-effective solution for closed captioning of video lectures. We realized that speech recognition alone was insufficient, but that it could provide a valuable starting point. This inspired us to develop an innovative process that uses speech technology to optimize the work of professional transcriptionists to deliver transcripts and closed captions that are very high quality, but priced very competitively.

+Who are your customers?

We work with more than 1,600 customers in the fields of education, media & entertainment, corporate, and government.

+How do you support your customers?

While we’ve built many tools that are self-service or automated, much of our success as a company is based on our approach to customer service.  We enjoy building relationships with and providing lots of personal attention to our customers.  For new customers, we expect to walk you through the account system and carefully explain the workflow. If you’re an existing customer with a support issue, our goal is to resolve your problem as quickly as possible and communicate the status at every step.  Each customer is assigned a 3Play Media account manager, whose job is to maintain an open and responsive communication channel.  We take all questions and support requests very seriously, and if you read our testimonials or speak to our references, you’ll see that this is a consistent theme.

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