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+What is the difference between the Express and Pro account?

The Express account is designed for light users who need premium quality captioning and transcription with fast, reliable turnaround. There are no minimums and the price is prorated to the exact duration of each file.

The Pro account is designed for heavy users who require advanced captioning and translation capabilities. The Pro account provides volume pricing, bulk upload options, video platform integrations, API access, full support, and a dedicated account manager. The Pro account supports multiple users, transcription settings, and advanced caption formats, as well as interactive transcripts and other plugins to make videos searchable and SEO-friendly.

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+How do I set up an account?

Once you decide which type of account best suits your needs (compare plans), you can create an account by completing a form for the Express account or the Pro account. You can then log into your account at http://account.3playmedia.com

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+What are the prices?

We offer the most competitive prices in the industry. See the full breakdown of plans & pricing for captioning, transcription, and translation. 

+How do I upload my media files?

There are several ways to upload your media files. Navigate to the Upload page and choose from one of these basic options: Secure Direct Upload, Upload Links, or FTP. You can also upload files through the API or import from another video platform. Your files will begin processing as soon as they are uploaded.

  • Secure Direct Upload (HTTPS) – This is the easiest way to upload multiple files directly from your computer. Your files must be less than 500MB each.
  • Upload Links – If your media files are hosted on a publicly accessible server, you can simply paste the URL links (make sure that each link points directly to the actual media file – not the web page). For YouTube videos, the URLs should point to the YouTube web pages.
  • FTP – This is a more robust upload method advised for files larger than 500MB or numerous files.

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+Will I be notified when my files are ready?

You have the option to receive email notifications about completed files.

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Support Article: Email Notifications
Support Article: Track the Status of Your File

+Can I import files from another video platform or lecture capture system?

Yes, if your media files are hosted by a compatible third party platform, you don’t have to re-upload your files.  Learn more about the 3Play Media’s integrations with video platforms and lecture capture systems.

+Is it possible to develop a custom, automated workflow through APIs?

Yes, you can use our flexible APIs to transfer files back and forth, monitor job status, and integrate with our video plugins. For additional information, see our documentation for developers.

+What is the turnaround time?

For captioning and transcription, standard turnaround is 4 business days.

We also offer 2-business-days, 1-business-day, 8-hour, and 2-hour turnaround for an additional fee. There are video duration limitations on some of these faster turnaround options.

If you have content that is not time-sensitive, you can select the Extended Turnaround option, which gives you a discount for allowing up to 10 days for completion.

For automated transcript alignment and caption encoding, turnaround depends on the duration of your files and our capacity at the time of upload. Files are generally completed within a few hours and almost certainly by the next business day.

If you have a large archive or a continuous workflow, we will work with you to create a schedule that works best for you.

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+How do I pay?

If you have a Pro account, you can pay by credit card or we can invoice you. You also have the option to lock in a discount by prepurchasing an allotment of hours. If you have an Express account, you will need to pay with a credit card.

Learn more about retrieving invoices and tracking charges to your account

+Do I need to install any software?

Everything is web-based and cross-platform compatible. There is no software to install.

+How do I adjust the transcription settings?

When you upload files you can specify certain transcription settings, such as how to denote speaker identification or treat inaudibles and flagged words. These settings can also be changed at a later time.

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+How can I submit additional instructions or special vocabulary when I upload a file?

It’s easy to upload a cheat sheet with specialized vocabulary, acronyms, names, or places. This helps our transcriptionists to decipher the spoken words.

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Support Article: Attach a Cheat Sheet/Glossary
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+Where can I find additional support?

The 3Play Media support site provides detailed information on a range of topics.  If you can’t find an answer to your question, please send a support request to support@3playmedia.com or contact your 3Play Media account manager. We take all questions and support requests very seriously.  Our goal is to resolve your problem as quickly as possible and communicate the status at every step.

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