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+What is an interactive transcript?

An interactive transcript is a JavaScript plugin that attaches to your video player and can be embedded on any website.  An interactive transcript lets users search through the video and click any word in the transcript to jump to that exact point in the video. Users can create and share video clips by highlighting a section of the transcript. In combination with the Archive Search plugin, users can search across many videos to uncover results from the rest of your video library.

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+Does an interactive transcript replace closed captions?

You can use an interactive transcript with or without closed captions. One is not necessarily a replacement for the other.

+What video players are compatible with the interactive transcript?

The interactive transcript works out of the box with these video players:  YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, Kaltura, Ooyala, Limelight, Wistia, JW Player, thePlatform, Flowplayer, Video.js, and Blip. It can also be made to work with other video players that have JavaScript controls.

+How do I install an interactive transcript?

Start by specifying how you want your interactive transcript to look and which features should be enabled. Then you need to copy the embed code and insert it on your web page.

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+Can I use your interactive transcript if I already have an existing transcript or captions?

Yes. You can import your existing captions and use them with our interactive transcript. If you have an existing transcript, you will first need to use our automated transcript alignment service.

+What if my video player has a playlist?

The interactive transcript can be set up to detect which video is currently playing and to automatically load the respective transcript.

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+Can an interactive transcript be edited after the video has been transcribed?

Yes, your account includes a caption editor that lets you make changes to the transcript. Any changes that you make immediately propagate to all outputs, including your published interactive transcripts.

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+Does an interactive transcript support multiple languages?

Yes, your users will be able to switch languages from a drop-down menu.

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+How can I get an SEO benefit from an interactive transcript?

In order for search engines to index your transcript and for you to get the SEO benefit, the transcript needs to appear when you view the web page source code. The easiest way to include a transcript on a web page is to paste it in <noscript> tags after the interactive transcript embed code. 

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+Does an interactive transcript satisfy accessibility requirements?

An interactive transcript doesn’t necessarily replace closed captions, but it does provide time-synchronized text, which satisfies accessibility requirements for people with hearing disabilities. Learn more about interactive transcripts

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