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+How does your transcription and captioning process work?

We use a multi-step review process that delivers more than 99% accuracy, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, difficult content, or accents. Typically, 75% of the work is done by a computer and the rest by professionally-trained transcriptionists. This makes our process more efficient than other vendors. But more importantly, it affords our transcriptionists the flexibility to spend more time on the finer details. They can actually think about the best way to transcribe the content instead of just typing as fast as possible. We put a lot of effort into grammar and punctuation and make sure that all of your files are transcribed according to a consistent set of standards and best practices. Each file also goes through a human quality assurance review, where we diligently research difficult words, names, and places.

+Can you handle content that is very technical or specialized?

We process all sorts of highly technical and specialized content. Our staff of 800+ transcriptionists cover a broad range of disciplines, and we can match their expertise to certain types of content. For example, if you send us tax-related content, we can assign it to a transcriptionist who has a financial background. You can also upload a cheat sheet with specialized vocabulary, acronyms, names, or places. This helps our transcriptionists to decipher the spoken words.

+How do you ensure consistency across different files and projects?

In order to work for 3Play Media transcriptionists must go through a rigorous vetting process that tests for transcription consistency, grammar standards, and adherence to best practices.  For example, all of our transcriptionists know precisely how to denote numerals and math equations, when to use quotation marks, italics, abbreviations, and how to treat filler words, false starts, and speaker errors.  We also make these standards instantly accessible to our transcriptionists while they are working on files.

+Is all of your transcription work done in the U.S.?

Without exception all of our work is done in the U.S. This is important for two reasons.  First, it helps ensure the highest quality and accuracy. Second, it allows us to maintain a secure and confidential process.  Every transcriptionist who works for us must enter into a confidentiality agreement. We also have a class of transcriptionists who have undergone a background check.

+What does 99% transcription accuracy mean in terms of the number of errors I will see?

Our standard transcription process delivers at least 99% accuracy and we average 99.6%. Although this is considered very high quality, it is not flawless.  99% accuracy leaves up to 1% error, which means that an average 10-minute file with 1,500 words could have up to 15 errors.   You can help us to reduce error rate by submitting files with high quality audio (see our recording guidelines) and relevant vocabulary along with your file upload.

+Do you comply with FCC captioning quality standards?

Our closed captions comply with the quality standards established by the FCC for accuracy, synchronicity, completeness and placement as set forth in the FCC’s rules at 47 C.F.R. § 79.1(j)(2). We also comply with the best practices set forth in the FCC’s rule 79.1(k)(4) for offline captioning.

+What if I need a truly flawless transcript?

If you truly need a flawless transcript, we offer a full review option for an extra fee. This typically increases accuracy to 99.9%. Another option is to review and edit the files yourself, using the caption editor.

+How can I submit additional instructions or special vocabulary when I upload a file?

It’s easy to upload a cheat sheet with specialized vocabulary, acronyms, names, or places. This helps our transcriptionists to decipher the spoken words.

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+How do you treat a commencement speech that recites a long list of names?

We will transcribe the names of the graduates if you attach a PDF with the names. Otherwise, we will put in a [READING NAMES] tag during that portion of the video. The price will be based on the full duration, regardless if the names are provided or not.

+How do I adjust the transcription settings?

When you upload files you can specify certain transcription settings, such as how to denote speaker identification or treat inaudibles and flagged words. These settings can also be changed at a later time.

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