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+What is Clipmaker?

Clipmaker is a powerful video search and editing application that is available to all 3Play Media users with a Pro account. Clipmaker lets you search across your transcribed video (or audio) files and quickly create clips simply by highlighting the spoken words. You can create clip reels by combining clips from multiple files and export them for inclusion in reports. Clipmaker can even scan your media files and automatically generate clips that contain specific search terms.

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+Do I have to install any software?

No. Clipmaker is a web-based application that can be launched directly from your user account. It is cross-platform compatible and can be used from any computer with an Internet connection.

+Who uses Clipmaker?

Clipmaker is used by anyone who wants to clip and edit their video (or audio) content. It is used by qualitative researchers to create highlight clip reels from interviews and focus groups.  It is also used by film producers and editors to create rough cuts to speed up the video editing process.

+How much does it cost?

Clipmaker is a free application for all 3Play Media customers with a Pro account.

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