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+What is the turnaround time for translation?

Translations are usually completed within 24 hours. However, turnaround depends on the duration, target language, and complexity of the content. Once a job has been assigned to a translator you will be able to see an estimated delivery date and time. You can monitor the status of your file throughout the process as it moves from ‘pending’ to ‘in progress’ to ‘complete’.

+What is the knowledge and experience level of the translators?

This depends on the translation service level that you choose. We provide two service levels:

  • Standard: Done by a native bilingual speaker, but not necessarily a professional linguist.
  • Pro: Done by a professional linguist. Output provides detailed attention to tone, subject, and meaning and is intended for formal business use.
+What happens after my translation is complete?

Completed translations live in your account indefinitely under the My Files tab. You can download your translation at any time, in a variety of formats. This is particularly helpful if you move to another video player or platform that requires a different file format. For additional information, read the support articles below.

How to preview a translation
How to download subtitles or translations

+Is it possible to edit subtitles and translations after they have been processed?

Yes, the built-in subtitle editor makes it easy to edit your subtitles and translations after they have been processed. The editing interface shows you the source and target languages side by side. The video is also there for your reference and it’s synchronized to each subtitle frame. Your edits propagate to all subtitles and transcript outputs, including interactive video plugins that have already been published.

+How do I translate videos into multiple languages?

Each translation request is limited to one target language. You can translate videos into multiple languages by making separate requests for each language. Learn more about submitting a translation request.

+How do I add translated subtitles to a video?

The process of adding subtitles to a video depends on which video player or platform you are using. In some cases you need to upload a certain subtitle format. In other cases, you need to encode the subtitles with the video or use a special plugin. We provide a multitude of formats, tools, and guides to simplify the process as much as possible. Read our how-to guides to learn more about adding video captions and subtitles.

+How does translation help with SEO?

Below are some of the SEO benefits of translating your video content. For a deeper dive read the blog article SEO Best Practices for Video Translation

Increased Traffic: SEO is all about getting more attention to your brand. When you take on a video SEO strategy, you are assisting search engines to index your video translations. This will increase traffic to your site and expand your audience globally and domestically.

Greater Authority: Translated video content gives your site more pages, keyword rankings, and inbound links.

Less Competition: It’s easier to rank against competitors because there is simply less competition across different languages.

User Experience: Your video content will become more engaging for non-English users, resulting in longer view times, retention, and a better user experience.

+Do the interactive transcript and captions plugin support translation?

The interactive transcript and captions plugin automatically incorporate all the languages that have been translated. When you publish an interactive transcript, check the box ‘Include Translations’. This adds a drop down menu allowing users to select from a list of subtitle languages. For additional information, read the article Adding translation to an interactive transcripts or captions plugin

+Is it possible to create a multilingual DFXP file?
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