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Quick Start Guide

Download the infographic: Quick Start to Captioning

step one create an account

Decide which plan is best for you (compare plans and pricing) and create an account. You will receive an email with a link to initiate your account and set up your password.

If you have any questions, email us at sales@3playmedia.com or call +1-617-764-5189.

step two log into 3play account

Log into your account at http://account.3playmedia.com

step three upload files

There are several ways to upload your video or audio files. You can upload from your computer, send links, via cloud storage, via FTP, or through a compatible video platform or lecture capture system. You can also upload using our API.

Captioning and transcription upload options

Your files will begin processing as soon as they are uploaded.

step four select the type of service

The standard service produces captions and transcripts.

Captioning and transcription service selection

If you have Spanish videos to caption, choose the ‘Spanish-Latin America Transcription and Captioning.’ If you already have transcripts for your videos, the ‘Alignment Only‘ option provides a faster, less expensive way to create captions and use the interactive video plugins.

additional services audio description, spanish transcription, caption placement

If standard caption placement is going to obstruct important content within your video, you can also ‘Add Caption Placement‘ to have the captions placed above the important content. We also offer audio description services.

specify turnaround

Standard turnaround is 4 business days.

Captioning and transcription turnaround options

You can also select 2 business days (expedited), 1 business day (rush), same-day, or two-hour turnaround for an additional fee. If your project is not urgent, we provide a discounted extended service, which is 10 business days.

step six wait for processing to complete

You can monitor the status of your files and keep everything organized.

Captioning and transcription: track status of your files

step seven download your transcript

After your files have been processed you can download any formats of captions and transcripts anytime. Your captions and transcripts stay in your account indefinitely.

FAQs on captions and transcript outputs

Download captions, transcripts, or subtitles

Save the infographic for quick reference: Quick Start to Captioning

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