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Faces Behind the Screen: Kevin

Kevin with interviewer wearing a ninja costume

Amongst the eager walkers preparing to conquer the 2016 New England Halloween-themed Walk4Hearing 5K, we met Kevin, a remarkable boy dressed as a fearless ninja.

Kevin was born with hearing loss and uses hearing aids.

His mother told us she didn’t raise him to feel different.

    He was about a month old when he had hearing aids. And it’s been a challenge. But now it’s just such a part of him. He doesn’t even know any different. It doesn’t really faze him.

Kevin grew up speaking English over sign language. He doesn’t use captions when watching movies, and if he can’t hear…

    You just turn up the volume.

Like most 6th graders, Kevin is an active kid full of energy. He loves spending time with friends and trying new sports.

    I tried hockey, but I fell on the ice and broke my chin.

Yet, this didn’t stop Kevin from continuing to pursue hockey and venturing into new playing fields like the basketball court, football stadium, and martial arts studio, where he is a budding karateka.

    I first did kung fu, but I got up to an orange belt. Then I started doing karate. And then I got all the way back up to my orange belt. Then I just went for my purple belt Saturday.

Kevin wearing ninja costume and holding sword out to camera

At school, Kevin satisfies his resilient curiosity through science class and reading. And although he sometimes feels like he misses things in class, he told us the school has been supportive and accommodating.

Kevin also expressed he’s never felt misunderstood by his peers. His mother shared he’s made great friends.

    Kids in school are very good, very welcoming. He has some really great kids in his class.

For Kevin, his hearing loss is anything but a hurdle. Instead, he relishes from the perks of having a hearing aid.

    [When people annoy me] I just turn off my hearing aids.

While Kevin may act like most 6th graders, there is still a resilience inside him that radiates how special he truly is.

    He’s our miracle child– our only child. He really is amazing.

We want to extend a huge thank you to the Hearing Loss Association of America and the New England Walk4Hearing for hosting this series of interviews on October 29, 2016.

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