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Best Practices for Accessible, Searchable Enterprise Video


TOM BISHOP: Hello. This is Tom Bishop of KnowledgeVision. I’d like to welcome you to our online discussion today called Best Practices for Accessible, Searchable Enterprise Video. And I’m joined by Tole Khesin, who is VP of Marketing for 3Play Media. Tole, hello.

Simplified Transcription Workflow

TOLE KHESIN: Hi. I’m Tole Khesin with 3Play Media. We focus on providing premium, quality solutions for captioning and transcription. We believe that transcripts should be an essential part of all online video for many reasons.

Transcripts make video accessible for people with hearing disabilities. In the US there are 50 million people with hearing disabilities. That’s about 15% of the population.

Transcripts make video more navigable and improve comprehension for people who know English as a second language by allowing them to follow along at their own pace. Transcripts are also helpful in sound-sensitive environments, like a workplace, because often you can’t turn the volume up. Transcripts make videos searchable, more engaging, and SEO friendly. And then another benefit is that for international audiences, transcribing a video is the first step to translating it to foreign languages, which is a service we provide as well.

Interactive Transcript with KnowledgeVision

Our goal is to eliminate barriers and simplify the workflow as much as possible. This is why we’ve integrated our services with KnowledgeVision’s video presentation system. With KnowledgeVision, the process of transcribing your video is very simple, and within a day you can add an interactive transcript module to your video. The interactive transcript allows users to search through the video and jump to an exact point by clicking on a word.

When using 3Play Media, you can also access captions and transcripts in a variety of formats and tools that can be used in addition to KnowledgeVision. For example, if you’re co-publishing your video on YouTube or Vimeo, you can easily add captions there as well. It’s all based on the synchronized that we’ve already created, so there’s no additional cost. Ultimately, we aim to make the process as user friendly and unobtrusive as possible and have built several other tools to make the workflow easier, including the ability to edit captions, text, and preload specialized vocabulary. So with that, I’ll pass things back over to Tom.

The Panel

TOM BISHOP: Thanks, Tole, very much. I want to go right to our two speakers for today to talk about how they use transcripts with their KnowledgeVision video. So I will talk more about KnowledgeVision much later on after this presentation. Our two speakers are Ed Youngblood, who is director of digital marketing for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and Alisha Magilei, who is co-founder and assistive technology specialist for Dynamic Therapy Solutions, which we also call DTS.

First, I’ll talk to Ed and Alisha about how they use video. And then we’ll get right into how they use online presentation transcripts to drive accessibility, search, and marketing engagement, as well as retention for training courses. And we’ll definitely cover learning experiences and tips that they’ve picked up along the way that will help you. And then, we’re going to have an open panel discussion.

So first, I’ll welcome Ed Youngblood from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. Hello, Ed.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

ED YOUNGBLOOD: Hello, Tom. Hi, Tole. Thanks for having me.

TOM BISHOP: So can you tell us about what you do and what Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise does, and how you use video?

ED YOUNGBLOOD: Sure, sure. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is a subdivision of the larger corporation. And our enterprise specialty is bringing networking and communications technologies to enterprise customers across the globe.

Myself, I am currently the director of content strategy for the enterprise group. And previous to that I held a role in multimedia, which is where I discovered KnowledgeVision and 3Play. And then prior to that, web strategy. So I’m a big advocate, particularly in part because I’ve got a video production background from many, many moons ago. And so it’s kind of a resurgence of something that I started in marketing with, which was commercials and messaging there in a multimedia form.

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