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Best Practices for Video Translation – Webinar Transcript

JOSH MILLER: Hey, everyone. We’re going to get started. So my name’s Josh Miller. I’m one of the co-founders of 3Play Media. And just a quick bit of housekeeping, we will take questions at the end of the webinar. So please feel free to type any questions as you come up with them in the window on your control panel. And then we will address them all at the end.

So, today, we are going to go over our new and improved translation service. We have an expert on that in Adam Emsley from Gengo, who’s our translation partner. He’s going to share quite a bit about what is going on in the background when a file is actually getting translated, which will be great.

So we also have David Zylber, who is our manager of customer happiness here at 3Play Media, and Shannon Murphy, who is our content marketing manager, who’s going to talk through how translation works with search engine optimization.

DAVID ZYLBER: Today, we’re going to provide you guys with a quick overview of 3Play Media and our translation provider, Gengo. We’re also going to explore how seamlessly integrated our two services are, giving our users a streamlined workflow to have content translated. This partnership now enables account holders the ability to create translations, monitor job statuses, and download translated transcripts, and also multilingual video subtitles directly from their 3Play Media account.

Our interactive plug-ins– the interactive transcript and captions plug-ins that you guys might already be familiar with– are also integrated with the translation process and support multiple languages. We’re going to cover setting up your translation profile; how to submit, download, and edit, and preview your translation files. And then we’re going to demo the interactive transcript and captions plug-in with content in English and other languages as well.

JOSH MILLER: Great. So that’s going to be fantastic. I’m going to quickly give an overview of what we do at 3Play Media, just so we’re all on the same page. Our core business is all about transcription and closed captioning. We’re making content accessible and searchable and SEO-friendly. We offer a number of interactive video plug-ins for text-based navigation through your audio and video content. And we offer a number of integrations with existing video platforms like YouTube, Brightcove, Kaltura, Ooyala, to really make the workflow much, much easier.

So we’re going to actually jump over to Adam now, who’s going to talk to us a little bit about what Gengo does.

ADAM EMSLEY: Sure. Hey, guys. So Gengo is a human translation platform. We work with about 8,000 translators all over the world and about 38 different languages. These translators could be anybody. They could be stay-at-home moms or stay-at-home dads. They could be college students or just bilinguals looking for a little extra cash. All of our translators are tested, spot checked, and managed through our platform. And then we also provide an API or an order form on our site, where customers can come and send work directly to those translators.

JOSH MILLER: Great. That’s fantastic. Thanks. So Dave, why don’t you walk us through what this whole translation workflow is actually like and what it’s like to order a translation file?

DAVID ZYLBER: So the first step is actually to upload your audio and video files that are in English using our default service, Transcription and Captioning. Or, if you already have a transcript for your content, you can use our Transcript alignment service to create the time-synchronized captions and transcript in English. So using either of these options will create the core transcript in English that will later be submitted to Gengo. If you don’t know what the alignment service is, you can learn a little bit more about that directly from either your 3Play Media account or from the 3Play Media website, www.3playmedia.com.

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