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Account System

Web-Based Account and Asset Management

Your 3Play Media account lets you upload and manage files, monitor job status, preview and download transcripts and captions files, manage users, set up billing, use video search and clipping tools, and set up an interactive transcript or other video plugins.

Watch the webinar “Getting Started with Your 3Play Media Account”

Screen shot of 3Play Media account system

Flexible Upload Options

There are several ways to upload your video or audio files for processing:

  • Secure Direct uploader (HTTPS)
  • FTP
  • Pasting links
  • Directly from video platforms or lecture capture systems
  • Upload from cloud storage
  • API

All of these methods allow you to upload multiple videos at once. The 3Play Media system supports hundreds of media formats, including most web video and audio formats.

Watch how to upload your media files
FAQs about uploading your media files

Downloading Your Transcripts, Captions, and Subtitles

Your account lets you instantly download many different captions and transcript formats, as well as multilingual subtitles. You can download for a single file or batch download for an entire folder.

Watch how to download your captions, transcripts, and subtitles
FAQs about captions and transcript outputs

Integrations with Video Platforms and Lecture Capture

3Play Media integrates with most popular video platforms and lecture capture systems to allow seamless file transfer, captioning automation, and connectivity with our video plugins. Learn more

Tracking Job Status

Your account displays the real-time status of each file. You can also get email alerts to be notified when files have been completed. Learn more

Captions Preview

After your media files have been processed, you can preview all the different captions formats with your video or audio before downloading. Learn more

Payment and Billing

Your account provides flexible payment and billing options, as well as detailed online invoicing. It can be set up to accommodate centralized billing across multiple departments or on a department by department basis. Learn more

User & Account Management

Your account supports multiple users, departments, and permissions. Account admins can control user access to any of the core account functions: invoices & billing, uploading, editing, publishing control, and user management. Learn more

Technical Glossaries

Keywords, a technical vocabulary, or special instructions can be preloaded on a file by file basis or applied to an entire folder or project. Learn more

Video Plugins

Your account system lets you set up and publish an interactive transcript, a captions plugin, and other video plugins. Video plugins go beyond captions and transcripts to make your video searchable, more engaging, and SEO-friendly. Learn more

Unlimited Access

Your transcripts, captions, and subtitle files are stored in your account. They can be viewed, edited, and downloaded instantly anytime, and there are no additional fees for this service.

Captions Editor

Although rarely necessary, your account includes a captions text editor that allows you to quickly make changes or redactions to your captions or transcripts after they have been processed. Your edits propagate to all captions and transcript outputs, including video plugins that have already been published. Learn more

Time Shift Tool

The time shift tool lets you trim or extend the timeline of a captions file (or time synchronized transcript). This is helpful in the case where a video has had content either added or removed from the beginning of the file, resulting in a different timeline from the originally processed captions file.

Additional Account Features

  • Video preview of your captions
  • Multiple options to denote speaker identification
  • Transcription settings to control how your files are transcribed. Learn more
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