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Facebook Integration

Facebook Captions and Subtitles

We’ve integrated with Facebook to make captioning your videos as easy as possible! 3Play Media’s integration with Facebook provides an automated workflow for adding captions and subtitles to your Facebook page videos. A feed of your Facebook videos will display in your 3Play Media account, where you can submit videos for captioning. 3Play Media will automatically post the captions back to your Facebook videos when they are complete. Note that this integration works with Facebook Pages for business, not with personal Facebook pages.

How to link your Facebook & 3Play Media accounts

How to order captions

How to enable automatic postback of captions to Facebook

How to manually upload captions to Facebook (without the integration)

Why Add Closed Captions to Your Facebook Videos?

Did you know? In an internal study, Facebook found that adding captions to videos increased view time by 12%. They also found that 41% of videos are incomprehensible without captions. That’s why adding captions to videos on Facebook is critical for your brand and your viewers.

While Facebook has enabled automatic captioning on videos for all English-language Facebook pages in the US, these captions are only 50-80% accurate, which is not enough to make your video understandable without sound. Automatic captions rely solely on automatic speech recognition technology, which doesn’t include important non-speech elements or speaker identification. Further, accuracy devolves when audio quality is poor, if the speaker has an accent, if there’s background music, or if there are multiple speakers. It often fails to accurately caption clarifying words like “did” vs. “didn’t.”

That’s why humans are necessary! If you don’t want your brand to suffer from often embarrassing errors in your video captions, you should get your Facebook videos professionally captioned. Our integration with Facebook makes it super easy to post accurate captions back to your videos to improve video engagement and watch time.

Ready to get started adding captions to your Facebook videos?

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