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Kaltura MediaSpace Integration

MediaSpace Closed Captions and Interactive Transcript

MediaSpace is a video portal that can be added to your Kaltura KMC. While Kaltura KMC only allows administrators to publish video, MediaSpace allows numerous contributors to publish video and request captioning. 3Play Media’s round trip integration with MediaSpace provides an automated captioning workflow with the option to require admin approval. When someone submits a request to caption a video, an alert is sent to the admin for approval. If approved, the video file gets transferred to your 3Play Media account for processing. After your captions or subtitles are completed, they automatically show up in MediaSpace where they can be toggled on or off by the viewers. A searchable interactive transcript is also added to the video and can be turned on or off. Turnaround time is specified when the caption request is submitted and can be as quick as 2 hours.

Kaltura MediaSpace Module: Overview

How to link your 3Play Media and MediaSpace accounts

How to configure your MediaSpace Module for 3Play Media

How to upload media to MediaSpace

How to add captions and subtitles in MediaSpace

How to approve captioning requests in MediaSpace

MediaSpace Interactive Transcript

An interactive transcript is automatically added to your MediaSpace videos along with closed captions. The interactive transcript can be turned on or off and allows viewers to search within a video or jump to a specific point by clicking a word in the transcript.

Automatically View an Interactive Transcript for Your MediaSpace Videos

How to view your interactive transcript in MediaSpace

More about the interactive transcript

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