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Solutions Overview

Our captioning & transcription services and tools are used in a wide range of applications. We understand that needs vary from customer to customer and we are always focused on implementing the best solution for you. Our solutions by industry are listed below.

  • Captioning, Transcription, and Translation for Online Video

    Online Video

    Solutions for online video publishers that need better video SEO, closed captions, multilingual subtitles, and tools that enable video search and improve user engagement.

  • Captioning and Subtitling for Entertainment and Media

    Media & Entertainment

    Solutions for video producers and distributors of TV and film content who need cost-effective captioning and subtitling.

  • Captioning and Transcription for Education Video


    Solutions for colleges and universities that need closed captions to meet accessibility requirements.

  • Captioning and Transcription for eLearning Video


    Solutions for distance education and e-learning companies that need closed captions to meet accessibility requirements, as well as video search and navigation tools.

  • Captioning, Transcription, and Translation for Corporate and Training Video


    Solutions for companies that need to make their video accessible, searchable, and multilingual.

  • Captioning and Transcription for Faith-based Organizations


    Solutions for churches, religious broadcasters, and faith-based organizations that need closed captions or transcripts to meet accessibility requirements.

  • Transcription for Market Research Video

    Market Research

    Solutions for qualitative researchers conducting interviews and focus groups that need time-synchronized transcripts and web-based tools for search and clipping.

  • Captioning and Translation for Government Video


    Solutions for government agencies that need a GSA vendor to provide closed captioning for Section 508 and video translation services.

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