So where does the name 3Play Media come from?

April 17, 2009 BY JOSH MILLER
Updated: January 4, 2018

Naming a company may be one of the most difficult brain teasers of the first 30 days.  There are even sites out there to help you come up with a hip Web 2.0 name.  As an aside, I highly recommend watching the TheRichterScales video on the tech bubble for a good laugh.  Back to us – we knew we would have a web presence, but we would also want to be a little more direct about the space we were working in.

The core process we have developed to create a time-aligned transcript from an audio file actually uses 3 distinct steps from beginning to end.  The first is automation, the second is human editing, and the third is quality assurance.  Our “secret sauce” comes into the second and third steps of the process because our software optimizes the human interaction with the transcript.  This is where the cost savings and high quality come from.  So, there it is: 3 ‘plays’ for high quality and affordability.

In the interest of complete transparency, there was one more factor in choosing the name!  The founding team is made up of four intense baseball fans (a triple play is one of the most extraordinary plays in baseball).  We also all have birthdays on the third of the month – May, September, and two in August!

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