Adventures in Speech Recognition, II

August 19, 2009 BY CJ JOHNSON
Updated: January 4, 2018

Drove to Manchester, NH and back this morning, borrowing a family member’s car for the trip.  On the way up, we were listening to a well-crafted 80s mix CD, when I switched lanes, accidentally hit a button on the steering wheel’s control panel, and the music went silent!  Frantically, I pulled every bell and whistle on the steering wheel to get WHAM! pumping back through the speakers, but to no avail.  Then, after a couple of seconds, the voice from the GPS system says…. “Please repeat.”

I looked down, and realized I must have hit the button with the icon of the person speaking.  Excellent!  Something fun to play with on the drive (there’s really not much fun to look at on Route 3 unless you’re REALLY into highway construction).

Of course we started with the essential Captian Picard:

CJ: “Maximum warp!”

Car: (pause).

CJ: “Bah!”

Car:  “XM Channel Ten.” (CD stops and the Radio tunes to XM Channel Ten).

Interesting response.  Let’s try something else. “Billie Jean” had been playing earlier, so naturally….

CJ: “A heee heeee.”

Car: “CD, Random Track.” (The CD is back on… now we’re listening to some delightful Devo).

That is actually pretty cool.  “Hee hee” sounds a bit like “Cee Dee”.

Then we wrapped up with an homage to Ron Burgundy.

CJ: You ate an entire wheel of cheese?

Car: “Air Conditioner.”

I’m not even sure what happened here.  I guess it was acknowledging that there was, in fact, an air conditioner on board.

Next was to see if I could actually get it to do something I wanted.

CJ: “XM.  Nine!”

Car: “Please repeat.”

CJ: “XM. Eight!”

Car. “Say again.”

CJ: “XM. Seven!”

Car: “XM Channel Eight.” (Radio is on again, tunes to XM Channel Eight.)

Fun stuff.  So far…. yet so far to go….

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