Lots brewing at 3Play Media

April 20, 2010 BY JOSH MILLER
Updated: January 4, 2018

There has been a lot of activity at 3Play Media since our last post welcoming Tole to the team.  For starters, we moved our offices to Porter Square in Cambridge.  More importantly, we’ve been hard at work to launch the next generation of our interactive transcription products.

The first incarnation of our interactive transcripts was launched a with MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program.  The impending launch will include the ability to easily create a plugin that interacts with an existing video player and can easily be installed on a webpage with just a few lines of code that we give you.  Very similar to the embed function seen with many video sites today.  End users of 3Play’s plugin will be able to click any word of a transcript and jump to that segment of the video, search entire archives based on actual spoken content, and jump to specific video segments based on search results (provided we’ve processed the video of course).  Very exciting for the web video world.

We also announced two exciting relationships last week: one with Kaltura, an open source online video platform, and the other with Endeca, an enterprise site search company.  In both cases, we’ll be providing their customers with time-synchronized transcription solutions for their media content, ultimately providing a richer user experience.

Look out for more news soon.

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