Introducing Transcript Plugin Auto-Styling

September 2, 2010 BY CJ JOHNSON
Updated: January 4, 2018

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to publishing a new feature on your site is getting it to match up with what’s on the rest of your page.  Or more devastating:  your site is always changing to maintain a fresh look, and you end up being constrained by the theming of outside plug-ins.

In our latest release of the Interactive Transcript plugin, we have included a “camouflage” mode.  The base styling of the plugin is your garden variety grey-scale, but the dynamic components (playbar, highlighted words), are versatile in color scheme to blend in with your site.

The default color theme is my favorite, good ol’ hex code #7a7, which reminds me of  my high school days, mixing the ever-so-highly-demanded hunter green paint in the Home Center at K-Mart.  But doesn’t that green clash with your #01C5BB ,”mouthwash green” theme?

When embedding the transcript plugin on your page, you can now specify a theme color in the “camo” parameter. Setting camo to a hex code will force the plugin to theme to that color. Or, if you aren’t sure what hex code to use, or your site may be changing constantly, use camo = auto, and the plugin will inspect your page to pick the best color to go with your page’s theme.

We’ve had a lot of fun trying out auto camouflage mode on a sampling of sites out there on the Web. Here are three cool ones:

Tech Crunch would not fare well with hunter green, as they have more of a ninja turtle green going for them.

Target’s homepage is a very busy site but stays true to the Target red color.

MIT constantly updates the homepage to keep the look fresh. Check out the plugin’s choice of theme based on today’s homepage.

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The closed caption CC icon shown in the middle of a TV.