Wistia launches integrated video transcription and interactive transcripts

August 16, 2011 BY TOLE KHESIN
Updated: January 4, 2018



For the past few months, we have been working closely with our partner Wistia to create a seamless transcription integration. Today we are officially launching the new service! Wistia users can make their videos searchable, more engaging and SEO-friendly by adding interactive transcripts.

With one click, Wistia users can initiate the transcription process on selected videos. The videos get automatically transferred to 3Play Media for processing and transcripts show up in the Wistia account a few days later (next day rush service is also available). Users can publish a plain or interactive transcript with any video.


An interactive transcript is a JavaScript plugin located beside or below the Wistia player. It lets users search and navigate through the video by using the text. Each word in the transcript has a timecode, so you can click on any word to jump to that exact point in the video.

Transcribing video also gives Wistia users a SEO boost. That’s because video transcripts are readily indexed by search engines and produce better placement in search results. When a search engine indexes your page, instead of just seeing a video element with a few tags, it can index every single word of your video. This helps more people to discover your content.

Transcription is available on all Wistia accounts.

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