A New Way to Add Closed Captions for iPhone and iOS Devices: Introducing Our Automated Caption Encoding Service

August 27, 2013 BY TOLE KHESIN
Updated: January 4, 2018

encoding video captions for iPhone
Considering that video will account for 75% of all mobile traffic in 2020, accessible video captioning across mobile devices is extremely important. This is why we’re excited to introduce our automated caption encoding service. Usually captions are output as a separate file and added to a video player, which renders the captions in sync with the video. However, for some devices it is necessary to embed the captions in the video itself. For example, the iPhone plays videos using an integrated QuickTime player in full screen mode. The only way to display closed captions on an iPhone is with a caption-encoded video. Another reason to encode captions with a video is to create a self-contained captioned video that can be distributed as a single asset.

How Does Caption Encoding Work?

You begin by uploading your video file for captioning and transcription processing. If you already have a transcript, you can use the automated transcript alignment service. Once your file has been captioned, you can order caption encoding and choose the appropriate encoding profile. Within hours you will receive an email notification and be able to download a M4V video with encoded captions. The video will work with any player or device that supports M4V videos, including iPhone, QuickTime, iPad, iPod, iTunes, JW Player, and Flowplayer. Because the captions are soft-encoded in the video, users will be able to turn them on or off using the video player controls. Of course, you will also have full access to all our other captions formats, as well as our interactive transcript and video plugins.

Video Caption Encoder

How to Publish Captioned Videos Across All Devices

It’s common for a video player to serve Flash with a fallback to HTML5. However, in order for captions to work with an iPhone, it’s also necessary to fallback to QuickTime. This is where the new caption encoding service helps video publishers: by providing a streamlined, easy way to create caption-encoded videos that work on any iOS device.

Learn more about caption encoding and see the complete pricing details.

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