Brightcove Responds to User Control Mandate by Launching Customizable Closed Captions

May 9, 2014 BY LILY BOND
Updated: January 4, 2018

Brightcove Responds to User Control Mandate with Customizable Captioning

The FCC’s mandate on user control requirements for online video closed captions went into effect on January 1, 2014. Now that that date has passed, all online video captioning must be of at least the same quality as TV captions and must also provide the same tools for users to control caption appearance.

Brightcove has helped their Video Cloud customers comply with the FCC’s new mandate by including “Closed Captioning Settings” within the Brightcove Video Cloud Smart Player templates. This creates a user control interface where end-viewers can easily configure caption appearance on both desktop and mobile players.

3Play Media is fully integrated with Brightcove; if you host your videos on Brightcove, your captions will be viewable through this new user control interface.

Brightcove's Closed Captioning Settings Dialog Box

Brightcove’s User Control Interface

To meet the needs of the FCC, Brightcove’s “Closed Captioning Settings” dialog box allows program viewers to control the following:

  • Character color
  • Character opacity
  • Character size
  • Fonts
  • Caption background color
  • Language

Example of Brightcove Viewer Control for Languages

Brightcove’s user control options are fully integrated into their Video Cloud and are available out-of-the-box; customers do not need to take any action to include this functionality in existing embeds. Captioning settings are automatically available. Brightcove is also making captioning settings available via API, allowing publishers to create a customized experience.

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