Introducing Our MediaPlatform Integration for Captioning and Transcription

June 24, 2014 BY LILY BOND
Updated: January 4, 2018

Introducing Our MediaPlatform Integration for Captioning and Transcription

We’re excited to release our new integration with MediaPlatform! 3Play Media’s integration with MediaPlatform allows you to easily add closed captions and interactive transcript plugins to your videos directly from your MediaPlatform account.

This blog will show you how to get started. For more detailed information, or for instructions on adding an interactive transcript to your MediaPlatform videos, please read our support articles about 3Play Media’s MediaPlatform integration for captioning and transcription.

Step 1: Enable 3Play Media as Your Closed Captioning Provider

In order to instigate the 3Play Media integration, the first step is to contact your MediaPlatform Sales Representative and ask them to enable 3Play Media as your closed captioning provider.

Note that any captions you order from your MediaPlatform account will be billed to your MediaPlatform account, not your 3Play Media account.

Step 2: Log in to MediaPlatform and Select Content for Captioning

Once you’ve enabled captioning, log in to your MediaPlatform account and navigate to the Assets page. Select the media file you want captioned.

Step 3: Request Captions for Your Content

Once you’ve selected the media file you want captioned, click Edit. Click on the Captions tab and select Transcription Service. You will see two options for captioning services. Select 3PlayMedia – English to request captions generated using both automatic speech recognition and human cleanup, resulting in over 99% accuracy. Select 3PlayMedia ASR – English to request captions generated solely through our automated speech recognition process. Press Submit to order your captions!

How to Request Captions from 3Play Media in Your MediaPlatform Account

Step 4: Enable Captions for Your Media File

Once 3Play Media has generated your captions, log back into your MediaPlatform account, navigate to Assets, click Edit, and select the Captions tab. Click Enable to add the closed caption track to your media file.

Enable Captions for Your MediaPlatform File

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