Welcome to 3Play Media’s New Account System!

July 6, 2014 BY LILY BOND
Updated: January 4, 2018

Welcome to the new account system! We’ve upgraded our user account system to make everything more streamlined and simple for you to navigate. Note that while we have added new features, you will still be able to access all functionalities that existed in the old account system. This blog will highlight a few of the exciting new features to show you what to expect when you log in to your account.

Visual Changes

The first thing you’ll notice when you log in is the visual change to the look and feel of the account system, as well as the slight re-organization of the menu items. My Files, Upload, and Clipmaker are still easy to access at the top of your screen, and switching between projects is now possible in the top left corner.

New Account System My Files Page

In the top right corner, you’ll see that your account items have been split into Billing, Settings, and Profile Settings. This will help you distinguish between user settings vs. project level or account level settings. The Settings section will allow you to easily set all of your preferences for the captioning and transcription process universally. We’ve also added a Notifications section that allows you to keep track of all activity happening in your account.

New Account System Settings Section

Easier File Management

You’ll see that there are more ways to view and manage your files than before: you can now sort by new files that have not yet been downloaded, starred files, and translated files. It is also now possible to select files across multiple pages. There is more space to view your list of files, and you can search quickly by file name or ID.

Clicking on a file will open a new window with everything you need to know about the file. Just as before, you can view and edit the transcript, edit metadata and other settings, download captions, and publish plugins. You can view any flags marked by your transcriptionist and see who last edited the transcript and when. You can save up to 6 favorite file formats and immediately download your file from this page. Once you are done viewing a file, you can easily skip to the next one.

New Account System View File Page

To download more than one file at a time, go to the My Files page and select the files you want to download, or download an entire folder. A new feature allows you to specify advanced settings for SMPTE caption formats, like SCC and SMPTE-TT.

While the Upload section may look slightly different than before, we promise it works exactly the same! You can choose your method of upload from the tabs at the top, and you will be prompted just as before to complete the process.

New Account System Upload Files Page

More Accurate Transcripts

After uploading a file, you’ll be able to help your transcriptionist provide you with the most accurate transcript possible by adding a cheat sheet of spellings and terminology to your file. Cheat sheets can be added to individual files, to folders, or to an entire project.

Better Control of Notifications

One of the new features that we think will be most helpful to you is the Notifications section. We want you to be able to easily manage activity in your account, as well as activity across multiple projects and multiple users. We’ve updated the Notifications to include a day-by-day timeline of activity, and added additional email preferences for your convenience.

New Account System Notifications Page

Easier Management of Multiple Projects

Finally, we have added an Account Overview page to help users with multiple projects easily view data across all projects and quickly export this data.

We’re Excited!

We’re really excited about the new updates to the system! We want to reiterate that you will still be able to access all functionalities that existed in the old account system, but now the entire process will be more user-friendly and streamlined. We know that change is hard, but we hope that you will see the benefits and come to appreciate the new design.

For specific instructions on navigating and using the new account system, visit the video tutorials in the How It Works section of our site.

New Account System Welcome Page

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