How to Report Uncaptioned Videos on YouTube

Updated: January 4, 2018

YouTube Caption Request Homepage

In 2012, the FCC announced that all videos that previously aired on television must be captioned when they are placed online. The ruling coincided with increased demand from individuals with hearing impairments to expand the accessibility of video content. YouTube users who post content that previously aired on television are supposed to complete the Caption Certification dropdown in their advanced settings; however, not everyone does so. In response, YouTube has thought of an interesting way to speed up captioning for these videos.

YouTube invites you, the viewer, to let them know when you see a video that should legally be captioned but isn’t. This information allows YouTube to keep track of potentially law-breaking material so that they can then contact the video publisher and either correct the mistake or remove the material.

Take the Law into Your Own Hands!

How do you report uncaptioned content? It’s easy!

It’s important that videos have captions for accessibility purposes, but captions can also provide many other benefits. By notifying the publisher that they haven’t captioned their videos, you’re providing them with a chance to increase their SEO and, consequently, the number of views on their videos. So really, you’re doing everyone a favor!

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