5 Essential Resources for FCC Closed Captioning Compliance

November 12, 2014 BY LILY BOND
Updated: January 4, 2018

5 Essential Resources for Closed Captioning Compliance

As you may have noticed, 2014 marked a year of numerous FCC mandates for closed captioning of online video, including rulings on video clips and caption quality. In addition to these FCC rulings, the latest requirement of the CVAA was phased in in March.

In light of this flurry of legal updates, we have compiled a collection of resources that will help you determine your closed captioning requirements as we head into 2015.

This bundle of 5 free resources includes:

  • 2014 FCC Updates for Closed Captioning of Online Video: Are You Compliant?
  • Closed Captioning Best Practices, Standards, and Legal Requirements
  • CVAA Online Video Captioning Requirements and Deadlines
  • How the ADA Impacts Online Video Accessibility
  • ROI Analysis and SEO Benefits of Closed Captioning

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This is a free bundle of 5 resources developed by 3Play Media with help from numerous other organizations. The white papers included are aimed at clarifying legal requirements and developing a captioning workflow that will help you comply with FCC, CVAA, and ADA requirements.

Read the free report: 2017 State of Captioning.

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