Upcoming Webinar with Sonic Foundry: How an Accessibility Strategy Can Unlock the Power of Academic Video

December 2, 2014 BY LILY BOND
Updated: January 4, 2018

How an Accessibility Strategy Can Unlock the Power of Academic Video

On December 16, 3Play Media will be presenting in a webinar hosted by Sonic Foundry, entitled “How an Accessibility Strategy Can Unlock the Power of Academic Video.” Web accessibility is one of the most critical issues facing higher education. In order to comply with the ADA and the Rehabilitation Act, most colleges and universities are required to provide closed captions for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The proliferation of online video and online learning makes it more important than ever to understand the legal requirements for captioning and the options available for developing an accessibility policy.

This webinar is an essential resource for schools that are looking for accessibility solutions. We will explore how to translate these solutions into actionable plans for your own campus, and how implementing a captioning initiative can provide immense benefit beyond accessibility. In today’s video-heavy learning environment, developing an accessibility strategy that can grow with you – and grow with the emerging accessibility issues, policies, and laws – is key to any university’s success.

With both specific examples and broader strategic solutions, our panelists will help you garner what really goes in to becoming an accessible campus. Presented by Tole Khesin from 3Play Media, Greg Kraus from North Carolina State University, and Sean Brown from Sonic Foundry, this webinar will provide a comprehensive view of how accessibility initiatives can unlock the potential of academic video.

This immersive presentation will cover:

  • Using accessibility policies to develop deeper engagement for all students
  • How to build accessibility into a learning environment where video and online content are booming
  • Finding the resources and staff needed to integrate accessibility into your workflow
  • Tips for expanding the value of academic video at your campus
  • Legal requirements for closed captioning in higher education

We hope to see you there! The webinar will be on Tuesday, December 16, from 12:00pm – 1:00pm ET (convert your time zone). You can register ahead of time to reserve your seat.

Read the free report: 2017 State of Captioning.

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