How to Publish and Customize an Interactive Transcript to Make Your Videos Searchable

January 28, 2015 BY LILY BOND
Updated: January 4, 2018


Earlier in January, we held a webinar on interactive transcripts, with demos by our product manager, Harriet Owers-Bradley, and by our VP of business development, Josh Miller. Harriet and Josh provide a comprehensive approach to the ingenuity of searchable video, the reasons why you might be interested in implementing interactive transcripts, and the specific process for doing so.

If you are not familiar with our interactive transcript, it is a time synchronized transcript of a video that highlights as the words in the video are being spoken. The interactive transcript has a search window that allows users to search for any word and see a timeline of where in the video that word is spoken. They can then jump directly to those points in the video by clicking on the timeline. The interactive transcript also allows users to scroll through the transcript, click any word, and jump directly to that point in the video. This provides an obvious benefit in the case of education, where students can use interactive transcripts when they are studying to find a specific point in a video or lecture when they remember a professor talking about a relevant term (rather than having to watch the entire video to find that one specific part). Interactive transcripts are also beneficial for SEO, user experience, and accessibility. Try it out in the recording above!

If you’ve been interested in interactive transcripts or searchable video but are unsure of how to get started, Harriet’s demos of the account system and how to publish your first interactive transcript are valuable resources. For those of you looking for more advanced implementations, she also walks you through customizations, with examples from our plugins gallery. Josh demonstrates live demos of our interactive transcript and playlist search plugins, which allow users to search not only within a video, but across an entire video library.

For Josh’s demonstration of how different websites are using the interactive transcript, you can go directly to about 10 minutes in the video. You can see Harriet’s demo of how to publish an interactive transcript at 14 minutes. Or, just search in the interactive transcript of the webinar recording above and see how easy it is to find exactly what you’re looking for!

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