Introducing Account System Tagging: A New Way to Categorize Your Files

February 11, 2015 BY LILY BOND
Updated: January 4, 2018

We’ve updated our account system to include a new feature: tagging! Now, you can further sub-categorize your files either at the folder level or at the project level. You can also add multiple tags to a single file. While tagging is a completely optional feature, it provides a useful way to assign files when folders aren’t comprehensive enough for your needs.

Use Cases for Tagging

One example of a scenario in which tagging could be useful is for a course that has a lot of videos. Say you have a folder for the course English 101, but you want to further separate the files within that course by lecture. You could add tags for each lecture and then filter by Lecture 1 or Lecture 2 to quickly identify the files applicable to a specific lecture, like you see below:

You can add tags for each lecture and then filter by Lecture 1 or Lecture 2

Another use case for tags is if you have multiple people responsible for your captioning projects. In this scenario, you can tag files with a person’s name – either within a folder or across all folders – so that whenever someone logs in, they can filter by their name to easily find all of the files that they are responsible for. That might look like this:

You can tag files with a person's name

There are dozens of other possible use cases for tags, all of which are dependent on your own unique workflows and filing systems. Regardless, tags provide a lot of flexibility for categorizing files in individualized ways, and can be used for either temporary or permanent categorization.

How to Use Tags

In the My Files section of your 3Play Media account, below Folders, expand the Tags dropdown and click on the New Tag icon. Once you’ve created your tags, select the applicable files and click the Tag/Untag icon. Here, you can choose to tag or untag your files with any of the tags you have created – or, you can create a new tag for these files.

You can create tags, sort by tags, and untag files

To sort by tags, you can click on the name of the tag in the Tags dropdown. Or, select a folder and click the Tag dropdown at the top to sort within a specific folder for a tag.

You can filter by tags

To delete a tag, select it from the Tags dropdown and click Delete Tag.

You can delete tags

For further details on using tags, please refer to our support articles.

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