What Makes 3Play Media a Great Video Captioning & Transcription Company? [Survey Results]

March 13, 2015 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: January 4, 2018

Word Cloud of 3Play Media Feedback Survey. Top words: support, quality, turnaround, easy, integration, price

At the end of 2014, we surveyed 1000+ customers who use 3Play Media’s online video captioning, transcription, or subtitling services. One of the questions focused on customer satisfaction, asking “What’s your favorite thing about 3Play Media?”

The results were overwhelmingly positive. All quotes in this post are direct testimonials from customers. The word cloud above highlights the most common terms mentioned by customers when describing 3Play’s strengths as a caption vendor.

Customer service is great, and I have always received timely and helpful support whenever I have reached out with any questions. Thank you!

The top words that stand out are:

  • Support
  • Quality
  • Turnaround
  • Easy
  • Integration
  • Price

Customer Support

Best. Service. Ever.

Strong support services were high on the list of customers’ favorite things about 3Play. Support specialists were described as reliable, responsive, prompt, informative, friendly, and helpful.

Quality of Product

I can guarantee my customers zero fault captioning and translation. You simply get the job done right the first time.

Over and over, customers mention they love the quality of 3Play’s work. Consistently, 3Play delivers over 99% accuracy for video transcription. High-quality closed captions are essential for compliance with captioning standards for caption placement, time synchronization, formatting, and accuracy. Customers were particularly impressed with transcription of video, even with thick accents or poor audio quality that might be difficult to understand. They also appreciate the options to customize their requests based on urgency, verbatim vs. clean read transcription, and availability of many different caption file formats.

Features like the interactive transcript plugin and playlist search function set 3Play apart from other video transcription vendors.

Fast Turnaround Time

I love that 3Play often beats the estimate of when the files will be finished, and lets you see the moment each one of your files is done, rather than having them all be ‘unveiled’ after the turnaround time is up.

3Play customers are impressed by fast turnaround time from submission of a transcription request to delivery of the finished file. With rush and expedited options, turnaround time can be as fast as 8 hours. 3Play has an excellent record of beating deadlines.

Easy to Use

Customers love 3Play’s clean, intuitively designed user interface. It’s easily accessible from anywhere with internet access, and the user experience is simple and straight-forward. The process is significantly simpler than DIY captioning options.

We don’t have to send an email about what we need. We can simply use one click, and that’s basically it. The file is in the next day or whenever we schedule it. It’s amazing!

Customers are thankful to be able to outsource their video captioning and transcription — one of them calling 3Play “a lifesaver.” Another mentioned that the process of setting up their 3Play account was “seamless.”

Integration with Video Platforms

3Play’s integration with web video platforms is a major benefit for customers. It reduces the extra step of submitting a caption request for each new video uploaded. Using integration tools, customers can opt to have all new videos submitted for transcription automatically. Many platforms offer round-trip integration so that once the caption file is ready, it uploads to the video instantly.

YouTube integration makes the process so much easier.

Integration is especially useful for organizations that manage video libraries for multiple users or departments. Automatic transcription requests make life easier for the media coordinator and everyone involved with publishing video.

Low Price

Customers love 3Play’s affordable prices for video transcription and captioning, especially when compared with other companies. Accessibility expert David Berman describes 3Play’s cost as “a shockingly small amount of money” for the high quality of output.

If you’re looking for a low-cost, high-quality video transcription company, you can learn more about 3Play Media’s services and pricing plans on our website.

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