Introducing: Kaltura MediaSpace Integration for Closed Captions + Subtitles

Updated: January 4, 2018

Kaltura MediaSpace closed captions

We’re pleased to announce a new 3Play Media integration with Kaltura MediaSpace. This integration offers a seamless captioning workflow for videos on the MediaSpace platform.

What is Kaltura MediaSpace?

Kaltura MediaSpace is an out-of-the-box video portal that allows many different types of contributors to upload videos. Contrast this with Kaltura KMC, which only allows administrators to publish videos and add captions.

Companies use MediaSpace for internal communications, like training video libraries or executive updates. MediaSpace is popular in higher education as a platform for students, alumni, or instructors to share resources. It’s also ideal for media companies to host and manage user-generated content.

3Play already offers a roundtrip integration with Kaltura KMC, but this MediaSpace integration allows non-administrators to request transcription and captioning for videos. When someone submits a request to caption a video, an alert is sent to the admin for approval. If approved, the video file gets transferred to your 3Play Media account for processing. After the captions or subtitles are processed, they automatically show up in MediaSpace where they can be toggled on or off by the viewers.

Setting Up the MediaSpace Integration

You’ll need to have a Kaltura account and a 3Play Media pro account. First, make sure your Kaltura KMC account and your 3Play Media account are linked. Then in your 3Play Media account, you can add your MediaSpace credentials under Kaltura’s settings. Your MediaSpace integration is enabled with only a couple of clicks.

Next you can configure integration options such as:

  • Which MediaSpace users can request captions (not limited to just admins!)
  • Whether caption requests are auto-approved or need to be approved by an admin before getting submitted to 3Play
  • Theme for interactive transcript display

Requesting Captions Via MediaSpace

Users can request captions directly in MediaSpace after uploading videos. You can opt for all caption requests to be auto-approved – sent directly to 3Play for transcription and captioning – or for requests to be pending admin approval. The admin approval step takes place directly in MediaSpace as well.

Once your video has been processed, closed captions will automatically show up in your MediaSpace video, with the option for viewers to turn them on or off.

This process seriously reduces friction for video library managers with multiple contributors.

Interactive Transcripts in MediaSpace

In addition to automatically adding captions to your videos, the MediaSpace integration includes interactive transcripts that the viewer can toggle on or off. The viewer can follow along with the text as the video plays, or easily navigate to certain points in the timeline by clicking on a word. The Search in Video field lets viewers search for a keyword within the transcript and jump to that part of the video.

Learn more about the Kaltura Mediaspace integration. Or schedule a demo to see the integration firsthand.

Read the free report: 2017 State of Captioning.

The closed caption CC icon shown in the middle of a TV.