DIY Video Translation & Subtitling with Amara

Updated: January 4, 2018


3Play Media now offers direct integration with Amara to manage your video translation and subtitling workflow.

What is Amara?

Amara is a free online platform maintained by the non-profit Participatory Culture Foundation. Its large volunteer base collaboratively transcribes and translates video into other languages.

Their mission statement:

We are driven by the mission to reduce barriers to communication and foster a more democratic media ecosystem. By choosing Amara, you are making video more globally accessible.

Amara hosts communities of volunteers based on causes (e.g., accessibility for the deaf or hard of hearing, political awareness, etc.) or topics of interest (e.g., arts, culture, education, entertainment, tech, etc.). They can then choose videos that interest them and donate their labor as transcriptionist or translator to add subtitles.

Amara Integration with 3Play Media

If you use Amara for video translation, you can now manage your translation requests and subtitle files in 3Play Media. Note that in order to set up Amara integration, you’ll need to activate our Captions Import module. This allows you to import, store, edit, and manage caption files created outside of 3Play.

Once Amara integration is setup, you can:

This integration centralizes your subtitling process in 3Play Media so you don’t need to visit multiple sites to manage your video transcription, captioning, and translation.

Video Translation & Subtitling

If you don’t use Amara, you can still order translations and subtitles for your videos in 3Play Media.

We offer professional quality translations into the following language families:

  • European languages (e.g. French, Italian, Portuguese)
  • Germanic languages (German, Dutch)
  • Scandinavian languages (e.g. Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish)
  • Slavic languages (e.g. Russian, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Czech)
  • East Asian languages (e.g. Japanese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Korean)
  • Middle Eastern languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Urdu, etc)
  • Select African and Southeast Asian languages (e.g. Vietnamese, Thai, Swahili, Afrikaans, Hmong, Bahasa Malay or Bahasa Indonesian)

Over 90% of translation jobs are completed in less than 24 hours – most of them with a 60-90 minute turnaround time. You can choose standard translation done by a native speaker or professional grade, which offer higher accuracy and sophisticated tone.

Video translation makes your content more accessible to a global audience while boosting your video SEO.

Request pricing details for our video translation options.

Read the free report: 2017 State of Captioning.

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