Introducing Spanish Closed Captioning & Video Transcription

Updated: June 3, 2019

Spanish video transcription and closed captioning

As of 2014, all Spanish-language television in the United States must be captioned according to FCC regulations.

Spanish closed captions must adhere to the FCC’s caption quality standards for accuracy, placement, timing, and completeness.

According to the CVAA, if the Spanish programming ever aired on television in the US, it must also be captioned online.

To meet the growing demand for Spanish-language transcription, 3Play Media is proud to offer Spanish video transcription, captioning, and subtitling services.

Spanish Transcription & Captioning Service

Until recently, 3Play Media’s standard captioning and transcription service processed only audio or video files in English. With technological innovation and native-Spanish speakers added to our professional editing and quality control team, we now accept audio or video files in Spanish.

Our transcription workflow is optimized for Latin American Spanish videos. Our editors are trained to discern accurate speech despite thick dialects or accents, and our team of experienced QA transcriptionists provide extra assurance.

As with our English transcription service, you can access your transcripts and caption files from your web-based account and download files in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

Spanish Video Translation

Transcription is the first step to translating your videos into multiple languages. Once you have your video transcribed, you can submit the Spanish transcript for translation into English or dozens of other languages. This makes your Spanish-language content accessible to non-Spanish speakers, exponentially increasing the potential reach for your video.

Spanish Transcript Alignment

If you already have transcripts of Spanish video, you can turn them into closed captions using our transcript alignment service. Our speech recognition software matches the Spanish audio to the Spanish text and creates precisely timed caption titles to align with your video.

Transcribe Spanish Video

If you’re ready to start transcribing and adding captions to your Spanish videos, choose from our pricing plans.

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