How to Add Closed Captions & Subtitles to Facebook Videos [FREE GUIDE]

July 29, 2015 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: January 4, 2018


If you’re posting videos on Facebook, adding closed captions or multilingual subtitles will take your user experience to the next level. Closed captions make Facebook videos accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, plus many more viewers who simply can’t listen to audio at the moment they find your video.

Captions help non-native speakers follow along, and subtitles in other languages open up your video to an international audience. Inc. Magazine called videos without captions “the biggest mistake you’re making on Facebook.

Ready to add captions to your Facebook videos? Click on the image below to download a free, 1-page guide for simple instructions.

How To Add Captions & Subtitles to Facebook Videos: Free Guide

Read the free report: 2017 State of Captioning.

The closed caption CC icon shown in the middle of a TV.