What to Do If iTunes Removed Your Uncaptioned Video

August 20, 2015 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: January 4, 2018

Apple warned media companies that starting July 1, 2015, it would pull movies and video clips from the US iTunes store if they lacked closed captions.

Apple stayed true to its word and has begun removing such content from iTunes, including some from Hollywood media companies. The move demonstrates a strict commitment to FCC compliance for closed captioning, which extends to films and television shows distributed online.

What to Do If iTunes Removed Your Video

If your uncaptioned video was removed by iTunes, you should resubmit your media with closed captions included. Captions must be FCC-compliant in terms of accuracy, placement, timing, and completeness.

3Play Media offers premium quality closed captioning services with flexible options and quick turnaround. We’ve served 1000+ happy customers, including elite media & entertainment companies like Netflix, NBC Universal, Viacom, and Starz. Custom APIs and VMS integrations offer a streamlined, hands-off workflow to captioning media at scale.

Video Clip Captioning

Online video closed captioning regulations are set to increase with an upcoming CVAA deadline: on January 1, 2016, video creators and distributors will be required to caption video clips of full-length shows and films that aired on US television with captions.

Part of iTunes’ June 30th deadline stipulated that media companies add captions to bonus video content like trailers, previews, or clips, which are subject to CVAA regulation as of January 1, 2016.

3Play Media offers an automated video clip captioning solution that generates captions for a clip of content that has already been captioned. This spares you the time, hassle, and cost of submitting clips for transcription from scratch when you’ve already got captions for the source video.



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