How Does 3Play Media Compare to the Competition? 20 Quotes from Real Customers

February 21, 2016 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: January 4, 2018

What made hundreds of universities, broadcasters, media companies, video producers, and corporations choose 3Play Media as their professional closed captioning service?

We surveyed our customers and asked how we compare to our competitors.

Here’s what they had to say about us:

The best in town, by far.

There is no comparison. We have been so happy with you all (after trying a few different vendors) that we have recommended you to several other people. We have an entire step in our workflow named the 3Play step. In fact, we have made your name a verb around the office: She is 3Playing it right now.

3Play is excellent and, compared to others, you make the captioning process easy and fun!

You are clearly better than other competitors in the market.

 In comparison with other vendors, 3PlayMedia has a very robust accounting/billing portal that allows me to quickly and easily pay for and look up invoices. My team and I greatly appreciate how everything is archived and documented.

You exceed where others fall short.

We were with another company; when we comparison shopped, the results spoke for themselves. 3PlayMedia is now our institution's only recommended captioning vendor.

500x better than the [closed captioning service] we used previously!

When I took over this position, I knew nothing about captioning or how it worked. The learning curve was virtually non-existent and we have had many hours of content captioned since.

Your web interface is significantly more elegant and easy to use, and the output and management of jobs is excellent.

3Play is cheaper than others, quality is great, and we wouldn't bother using anyone else.

This service has been the easiest to use and most cost-effective.

3Play is the only online captioning service we have used. It is much less expensive than the DVD captioning services we used previously. Good pricing, useful features, and excellent support have enabled our company to caption all of our video products.

Since moving to 3Play from another vendor -- we won't be going elsewhere!

The transcript quality was noticeably better, and we had some real billing and video platform integration issues with the other vendor we tested with.

I see no reason to search for alternatives.

The alignment of video to text by your group is my preference.  I've tested the same video across [three competitors] and yourself...and I'm still with 3play.

I really like the interface. Easy to use, intuitive, simple. I am glad we created an account.

I used another captioning vendor before working with 3Play Media and I wish I had found you sooner! Your system works great and is super easy to use, and the turnaround time is good.

You are an easier company to work with, the process is more streamlined than what I've experienced in the past.

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