What’s Your Favorite Thing About 3Play Media?

March 4, 2016 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: January 4, 2018

We surveyed 1000+ customers who use 3Play Media’s online video captioning, transcription, or subtitling services. One of the questions asked “What’s your favorite thing about 3Play Media?”

We noticed some patterns. Here are the top 6 themes our customers gushed about:

Ease of Use

Feedback we heard over and over was that 3Play’s account system is easy to use. Its interface is intuitively designed so non-techies can enjoy a minimal learning curve. Overall, our platform makes the video transcription and captioning process easier.

Choice quotes from real customers:

Simple & concise online editing of files is fantastic!
I simply enjoy the ease and intuitiveness of the 3PlayMedia website. From an accounting/financial perspective, I could not ask for a more organized system.  Even the file names are clear and logical, allowing my team and me to allocate costs across the various clients we serve through your captioning service.


3Play Media guarantees 99% accuracy for all video transcripts, and we live up to our promise. In fact, we average 99.6% accuracy overall.

That makes a huge difference in ensuring consistently high quality captions, especially for customers who need to adhere to strict FCC closed caption quality standards.

Choice quotes from real customers:

Very good accuracy -- better than other services I've used.
Great accuracy of transcription for academic lectures. Well done!
Your accuracy, turn-around time and your commitment to quality captioning and ACCESS is awesome.

Fast Turnaround

It’s tough to offer quality captions in a short amount of time, but we’ve got it down to a science. While our standard 4-business-day turnaround works great for most customers, we offer next day, same-day, and even 2-hour turnaround for transcription jobs that can’t wait.

Choice quotes from real customers:

I like the fact that I can choose to expedite a project and pay a bit more or choose the slow option and get a break on the price.
Quick response and captions are done when promised.


Peace of mind is priceless. When a video gets submitted to 3Play Media for transcription and captioning, you know it will be delivered on time, look great, and work just as it’s supposed to.

Choice quotes from real customers:

It takes the struggle out of my hands and let's me customize as much as I want.
3Play takes the burden off our team.

Customer Service

Our customers love the service they receive from 3Play support staff and salespeople. They noted our staff’s friendliness, expertise, and helpfulness in answering their questions or resolving issues.

Choice quotes from real customers:

So easy to work with everyone over at 3Play!
The people are just great -- always friendly and helpful.
Support is amazing. If we need a question answered or a service done, it's always handled well and in a timely matter. I also appreciate the willingness to work with us to solve problems and implement solutions.


3Play’s integration with video platforms is a major benefit for customers. It reduces the extra step of submitting a caption request for each new video uploaded.

Using integration tools, customers can have all new videos submitted for transcription automatically. Many platforms offer round-trip integration so that once the caption file is ready, it uploads to the video instantly.

Choice quotes from real customers:

Because we linked our Kaltura account, I love that I don't have to access the interface to request a transcription. It's a simple process and easy to impart in training.
The integration with YouTube and Brightcove is fantastic
We had only expected to use the transcription service, but having it integrated with the video was a huge bonus.

Webinars & Resources

We’re proud to offer free webinars to the public, and our customers appreciate the added value they provide.

Recordings, slide decks, and transcripts for all our webinars are available on our public archive for reference. Popular past webinars include:

Customers also showed some love for our free white papers and free subtitle converter tool.

Choice quotes from real customers:

All the additional information you share through webinars, white papers, etc. is a big help in educating the staff and faculty.
The webinars are excellent!
The educational white papers and webinars are a wonderful source of information that helps keep us on top of the field of accessibility.

And, well, this comment just made us blush:

I like everything about 3Play Media!

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