The Best Way to Add Closed Captions to MediaAMP Videos: 3Play Media Integration

October 4, 2016 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: January 4, 2018


If you publish video on the MediaAMP platform, then adding closed captions to your videos just got easier.

Introducing: 3Play Media’s closed captioning integration for MediaAMP.

About the MediaAMP Captioning Integration

MediaAMP is a cloud-based multimedia management platform for eLearning and distance learning.

Because eLearning videos need closed captions to comply with accessibility law, MediaAMP supports closed captioning features on their plaftorm.

Captioning can be a tedious process, especially if you’re publishing a high volume of videos or videos that need captions urgently.

If you are a 3Play Media customer, then you know that our professional captioning services can handle lots of content with 99%+ accuracy and strict adherence to deadlines.

By linking your MediaAMP account with your 3Play Media account, the whole captioning process can be automated.

After a one-time setup, you can submit videos for captioning directly from your MediaAMP account. Captions will appear on your videos as soon as they’re ready.

Follow the instructions in the support article above, or contact your account manager for further assistance in setting up your MediaAMP integration.


Not a 3Play Media customer?


Learn more about our professional closed captioning services, including fun extras like interactive transcripts and our playlist search plugin.

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