How Webinar Transcripts Make Content Marketers’ Lives Easier

October 26, 2016 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: January 4, 2018


If you’ve ever asked a marketer to write up content highlights from an hour-long webinar, the first thing they’ll ask for is a transcript.

Without one, they’re struggling to navigate the video for the best sound bytes, hand-transcribing quotes, and probably missing some gems along the way.

Webinar transcripts allow content marketing efforts to scale effectively.

A transcribed webinar contains a wealth of information that, because it’s in text form, can easily be edited, searched, re-purposed, and published.

Updated Web Copy

Could your website information use a little polishing, but you haven’t gotten around to it?

Use a webinar transcript as your shortcut for updating web copy.

For some websites, the conversational tone in a webinar transcript can help humanize a brand. More demonstrative webinars yield transcripts that can be used for step-by-step support documentation.

White Papers

Depending on how in-depth your webinar is, a transcript is a great starting point to create a guide, report, or e-book.

Long webinars or webinar series produce thousands of words’ worth of content that is already organized logically and structured in a digestible way. Re-purpose the transcript, pepper in engaging graphics and visuals from the webinar, and you’ve got a valuable piece of content to promote.

Case Studies

If you’ve invited a customer or partner on a webinar, grabbing sound bites from a transcript can be a fantastic basis for a testimonial.

If the webinar includes an anecdote about how a particular organization used your product or service, then you might publish a segment of the transcript as a case study.

Blog Posts

With transcripts, creating blog content is much easier. Let’s say you want to publish a blog post that summarizes the main take-aways from a webinar.

Instead of rewatching the whole recording, you can scan the webinar transcript to spot the topics of interest. You might remember a specific phrase or keyword, and the transcript lets you easily search for that part (Ctrl+F is your friend!).

(Better yet, if you use an interactive transcript with your webinar recording, you can easily search for a keyword and jump to that spot in the video.)


If your webinar cites a lot of data and stats, having a transcript simplifies the process of collecting data to create infographics.

Maybe there are some fascinating stats that were mentioned but not given a graphic slide in the presentation. Your transcript will reveal these to you.

Webinars that features graphs, charts, or study results are ripe for turning into infographics. Use the transcript to copy/paste text summaries of the data where needed.

Webinar transcripts empower marketers to create lots of supporting content in less time — and with fewer headaches!

Another fun fact about webinar transcripts? You can use them to optimize your content for search.

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