New Research Study Published on Student Closed Captioning Use

October 31, 2016 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: January 4, 2018

Part one of a two-part research study on closed captioning in higher education has been published and is now publicly available for download.

The report entitled “Student Uses and Perceptions of Closed Captions & Transcripts” was prepared by Dr. Katie Linder, Research Director at Oregon State University Ecampus. In collaboration with 3Play Media, OSU conducted a survey of over 2,500 students in higher education institutions across the US.

Topics covered in the survey include:

  • Student awareness of the availability of captioning
  • Student use of video captions and transcripts
  • How & why students who have not requested an accommodation for captioning use captions and transcripts
  • How students use captions & transcripts to supplement eLearning
  • Common captioning hindrances identified by students

This OSU student survey is the largest research study on the topic of closed captioning in higher education, and its findings can inform how instructional designers incorporate closed captioning and transcripts into digital course materials, flipped classrooms, and distance education classes.

Dr. Linder presented a webinar summarizing the findings of this student captioning survey, but the full report is available for download below.

Download the research study results on student uses and perceptions of closed captions & transcripts

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