VoiceThread Captioning Made Simple with 3Play Media Integration

November 9, 2016 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: January 4, 2018


3Play Media offers a round-trip integration with VoiceThread to make the closed captioning and transcription process as simple as possible.

About VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a multimedia platform that weaves interactive audio and visual content to facilitate meaningful communication. It offers products for K-12 institutions, higher education, and businesses to create and share multimedia recordings called ‘VoiceThreads.’

In education, VoiceThreads may be used for distance learning, online lectures, online supplements to coursework, virtual class discussions, and group projects. Businesses might use VoiceThread for webinars, e-conferences, remote team meetings, and internal training courses.

Why VoiceThreads Need to Be Captioned

Once a live VoiceThread is over, the recording can be submitted for transcription and captioning.

VoiceThreads need to be transcribed and captioned if they are published or distributed by an organization that is subject to web accessibility law.

For example, the ADA requires internal corporate communications and training sessions to be accessible to employees with disabilities. VoiceThreads used in a corporate setting would need captions to be accessible to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, autistic, or dyslexic.

Many institutions of higher education are subject to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation act, or Section 508 via state laws. These also would require VoiceThreads to be captioned.

About the VoiceThread-3Play Media Captioning Integration

If you’d like to set up your integration with VoiceThread, reach out to your 3Play Media account manager. You might also find these support docs helpful:


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