3Play Media Supports the New Brightcove Player

November 28, 2016 BY PATRICK LOFTUS
Updated: January 4, 2018


Last year, in case you were not aware, Brightcove released a new version of their video player.

3Play Media Still Integrates with the New Brightcove Player

3Play Media’s captioning integration with Brightcove still functions normally as before, but the caption format has changed.

Brightcove now uses the WebVTT caption file format and no longer supports DFXP files.

What does that mean?

This latest version of the Brightcove Player, which used to rely on Adobe Flash to load and stream videos, now uses HTML5 instead.

WebVTT files are more compatible with HTML5 and DFXP files are most commonly associated with video players that use Flash.

Still Using DFXP?

If you still need to convert your caption files so that they work with the new Brightcove player, follow these instructions.

About the Brightcove-3Play Media Captioning Integration

Customers of Brightcove and 3Play Media can activate a one-time link between their accounts so that data can be shared seamlessly.

Once the integration is set up, you can manage your captioning requests directly within Brightcove. Brightcove submits your media files to 3Play, and then pushes the closed captions onto your videos as soon as they’re ready.


Not a 3Play Media customer?


Learn more about our professional closed captioning services, including fun extras like interactive transcripts and our playlist search add-on.

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