How Do Customers Rate 3Play Media?

February 3, 2017 BY ELISA EDELBERG
Updated: May 25, 2018

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and at 3Play Media we’re feeling the love! We surveyed our 2000+ customers and asked them to share why they choose 3Play Media as their professional closed captioning service. The results are in and 75% of our customers are either “happy” or “in love” with 3Play Media. We’re thrilled to hear it, but we want to know why our customers love us, and we bet you do too. So, here are our customers’ favorite things about 3Play Media:

Image of 4.36 starsUsability (4.36 stars)

Customers find our account system easy to use. They love the clean, intuitively designed interface that makes it “very easy to work within” (even for those who aren’t so techie). Our account system is also accessible from anywhere with internet access so transcribing your videos is convenient for you.

Easy in...easy out, in a timely fashion.

Image of 4.5 starsTurnaround (4.5 stars)

At 3Play Media, we consistently deliver on time- no matter how large your project. Our customers are blown away by our fast turnaround and our ability to beat deadlines without sacrificing accuracy. With several options on turnaround time, we give you the power to dictate what you need. If you have time, our standard turnaround time is 4 business days. If it’s really urgent, you have the option to get your content back as fast as you need it with our next day, same-day, and even 2-hour turnaround options!

Image of 4.57 starsAccuracy (4.57 stars)

Customers are constantly wowed by the quality of our work, even in the case of heavy accents or poor audio quality. Thanks to our multi-step review process and highly certified transcriptionists we’re able to guarantee 99% accuracy which is essential for compliance with FCC standards.

Image of 4.56 starsReliability (4.56 stars)

We’re here to take the burden off your hands, and our customers love us for that. Our customers know they can rely on us for delivering high-quality captions and transcriptions, giving them peace of mind and time to focus on other things.

Great service. Dependable.

image of 4.3 starsIntegration (4.3 stars)

3Play’s integrations with video platforms are a huge advantage for our customers. Integrations reduce the extra step of submitting a caption request for each new video uploaded, significantly simplifying the workflow. By using one of our integrations, customers can submit videos for transcription directly from their video platform. When the caption file is ready, it will post back to the video instantly.

image of 4.52 starsSupport (4.52 stars)

Our customers describe our support specialists as reliable, friendly, informative, timely, and helpful. Basically, we’re here when you need us!

Great customer service.

We’re so glad to hear our customers love us! Are you ready to feel the love? Get started transcribing and captioning your videos with 3Play Media today!


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