3Play Media’s Integration With Warpwire Video Platform

Updated: January 4, 2018


About Warpwire

Warpwire, an easy-to-use video platform targeted specifically at education, has several differences that set it apart. With fewer overall features, and the option for separate billing through different API settings, Warpwire is a great fit for associations and academic health centers that aren’t in need of a whole bunch of extra bells and whistles.

Captioning Video

At Warpwire, they know that video accessibility is much more than meeting legal requirements. Especially in the education world, captioning is a crucial aspect of creating video content. Not only is captioning necessary for the Deaf and hard of hearing, but it’s also been proven to benefit hearing individuals as well. In fact, we collaborated with Oregon State University to conduct a research study on student uses and perceptions of captions and transcripts in higher education. We found that 71% of students without hearing difficulties use captions at least some of the time. 75% of students that use captions said they use captions as a learning aid, and the most common reason students use captions is to help them focus.

A Perfect Pair

Warpwire is all about creating video easily. From organizing, capturing, sharing, and analytics, they offer a simple process. Built atop a powerful API, they’ve introduced top security that protects media anywhere, and on all devices to securely customize the delivery experience.

At 3Play Media, we’re all about making video accessible…easily. That’s why Warpwire and 3Play Media have paired together to make the captioning process seamless. 3Play Media offers a round trip captioning integration with Warpwire. This means you can submit closed captioning requests directly from your Warpwire account. The media files will be automatically transferred to 3Play Media for processing. The closed captions and subtitles will get posted back to your Warpwire videos when they’ve finished processing.

CC option on video

How to Get Started

Step 1 – Login to the 3Play Media Account

Open a new tab and log into your 3Play Media account.

Step 2 – Navigate to New Linked Account

After logging into your 3Play Media account click Upload located on the My Files page.

By default you will be directed to Upload > From Computer.

After clicking Upload click on Linked Account and from the drop-down menu that appears click +New Linked Account.

Step 3 – Select Warpwire

Click the Warpwire icon from the list of video platforms and lecture capture systems.

Visit our support documents to complete the integration setup and learn how to order captions from your Warpwire account.


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